Smart Mailmark Franking Machines from Neopost


All Neopost machines support Mailmark - the next generation of franking from Royal Mail, ensuring that your franked mail costs are as low as possible.

Low volume
 (up to 100 per day)

IS-280c Franking Machine

Desktop franking mail for small business

IN-360 Franking Machine

Compact, quiet and easy to use 

IN- 600 Franking Machine

Delivers fast and efficient mail processing

Medium Volume (up to 350 items per day)

High Volume (up to 5000 items per day)

IN-700 Franking Machine

High performance modular mailing system  

IS-6000c Franking Machine

Highly productive, durable and easy to use 

The next generation of franking

In 2014, Royal Mail introduced a new method of franking, called Mailmark. The technology from Royal Mail replaces the traditional town and crown, with an intelligent 2D barcode. MailMark offers the lowest franking prices- this means that the saving compared to stamps for sending 1 second class letter each day increases to over £45.00 a year.

What does this mean for you?

To make sure our customers are accessing the lowest possible prices, all of our new machines are now MailMark ready. This means you’ll benefit from;

  • Automatic pricing updates- never worry worry about surcharges resulting from paying old prices
  • Network connection- this means you won’t need to pay for an analogue telephone line
  • 2D barcode will give your outgoing mail a professional look.
  • Printed pre-paid reply envelopes, giving your customers a great service and help deliver important information back to you

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