Track, manage and analyse your postage spend by mail type and department with MyNeopost.

Save Time
Inbuilt scales and rate wizard calculate the right postage. No need to queue for stamps, purchase postage online 24/7.

Brand Image
Promote your business in a more professional way by adding your company logo to every envelope that you frank.

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Franking prices are up to

33% lower than stamps.


A standard 2nd class letter costs 55p to send using a stamp, but only 37p using franking. 
That's a difference of 18p per letter!

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Reduce Costs
Avoid over-stamping or of surcharges. A neoFunds account means you can pay in arrears for postage.

The experience with Neopost and the franking solution has been overwhelmingly positive and feedback from our sites has been good. The Neopost account manager has gone above and beyond and the project has gone smoothly. The machines are perfect for our requirements at this stage and we are open to developing the relationship further.”  

Ben Kennedy, Procurement Category Manger at CGL

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